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Classes on our General Programme are open to everybody and suitable for beginners or more experienced meditators alike. Please book online to join the live stream or to attend in person

Helping you to attend Compassion Centre safely:

1. We have created space so you can easily maintain social distance from others. We have conducted a risk assessment and put in place a regular and thorough cleaning and sanitising regime. In-person places are limited in each venue and set out to enable social distancing. 

2. Unless you have an exemption, please wear a face covering at Compassion Centre, in line with governernment guidelines.  Everyone whether wearing a face covering or not should be treated with consideration and respect. 

Donations - We don't make a charge but we suggest a donation of around £7 (£5 concessions) as Compassion Centre relies on these donations to provide meditation classes.  

If you would like to deepen your understanding of Dharma you may like to consider joining our Foundation Programme Study Classes.

Monday 10:30am

Gosforth & online Mon am

Monday 7:10am

Start the day

Tuesday 10:30am

Gosforth & online Tue am

Tuesday 12:30pm

Yogatherapies Class

Tuesday 7pm

Wylam Class

Tuesday 7:15pm

Gosforth & online Tue pm

Wednesday 10:30am

Gosforth & online Wed am

Wednesday 7:10am

Start the day

Thursday 10:30am

Gosforth & online Thu am

Thursday 6:30pm

Gosforth & online Thu pm

Thursday 7pm

Retreat - Introduction

Friday 10:30am

Gosforth & online Fri am

Friday 11am

Retreat - Session 2

Friday 12pm

Morpeth Class

Friday 4:30pm

Retreat- Session 3

Friday 7pm

Retreat- Session 4

Friday 7:10am

Start the day

Friday 9am

Retreat- Session 1

Saturday 11am

Retreat- Session 2

Saturday 1pm

Gosforth & online - Sat

Saturday 4:30pm

Retreat- Session 3

Saturday 7pm

Retreat - Session 4

Saturday 9am

Retreat- Session 1

Sunday 11am

Retreat - Session 2

Sunday 4:30pm

Retreat - Session 3

Sunday 7pm

Retreat - Session 4

Sunday 9am

Retreat - Session 1