Sally is responsible for the meditation room. Her specific responsibilities include:

  • Keeping the offerings stocked up for daily offerings, weekly offerings and all pujas including empowerments, retreats and powas.
  • Organising rota for daily offerings
  • Organising meditation room sadanas and playlists for all pujas, empowerments, retreats and powas.
  • Looking after meditation room chairs, tables, cushions (all gompa furniture and ritual equipment).
  • Overseeing the weekly preparation of offerings for Wish Fulfilling Jewel.
  • Overseeing the cleaning of the meditation room.
  • Organising a Centre-Cherishing deep clean of the meditation room once a year, or more.

Contact Sally if:

  • You want to find out more about how to set out the daily offerings, or volunteer for any of the Centre’s rituals such as helping with pujas.
  • You want to request dedications or a powa for a loved one.
  • You want to find a meditation sadana.


Phil is responsible for the ongoing running of the centre as well as all legal, financial or material issues arising regarding the centre and its properties. His specific responsibilities include:

  • Centre policies such as Health and Safety and Safeguarding.
  • Producing publicity and centre promotion for regular classes and day courses
  • Maintenance and running of the centre’s properties including finding residents for those properties and dealing with any problems arising.
  • Building works.
  • Purchasing decisions and all other financial decisions.
  • Looking after the gompa kitchen and teacher’s prep room.
  • Organising the January retreat (together with the EPC)
  •  Liaising with Rebecca Hails (Assistant AD)
  • Attending management meetings twice a month.

Contact Phil if:

  • You have any queries other than spiritual or educational such as problems, suggestions, comments or concerns regarding the running of the centre or the centre’s property.
  • You are a resident or tenant in one of the centre’s properties and there is a problem or concern.
  • You would like accommodation in one of the centre’s properties.
  • You have concerns about health and safety in the centre.


Claire is responsible for looking after the educational and spiritual well-being of the Centre and supporting the resident teacher. His specific responsibilities include:

  •  Liaising with General Programme teachers.
  •  Liaising with branch class venues.
  • Transmitting information regarding class times and content.
  • Transmitting information on day courses, retreats, empowerments
  • Overseeing Mighty Networks, the Centre’s website, the newsletter and notice board.
  • Developing new classes and courses with the resident teacher.
  • Organising sangha get-togethers and social events.
  • Organising school visits and dealing with any educational or spiritual inquiries.
  • Attending management meetings twice a month.

Contact Claire if:

  • You have an idea that might benefit the centre, a query about the centre, a problem, suggestion or comment regarding teaching or any of the Centre’s spiritual activities.
  • You want more information about a particular class or Centre event.
  • You want to volunteer to aid the Centre in some way.
  • You are a GP teacher and are unable to teach due to illness or another commitment and cannot find a replacement teacher contact Claire.


Katy is responsible for the shop and reception. Her specific responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining the shop.
  • Ordering shop stock
  • Researching new stock.
  •  Maintaining relationships with stock suppliers.
  • Managing, developing and improving the centre’s new social space.
  • Overseeing the use of the coffee machine and dishwasher.
  • Organising and overseeing volunteers who clean the shop and social space.

Contact Katy if:

  • You would like something in particular ordered for the shop.
  • You have suggestion, comments or concerns regarding the shop.
  • You would like to volunteer for cleaning the shop or social space or unpacking stock for the shop.


Kevin is responsible for anything that arises regarding centre income or expenditure. His specific responsibilities include:

  •  Providing a monthly income and expenditure spreadsheets.
  •  Providing monthly financial reports monitoring income from classes, centre card payments, day courses, retreats, donations, the shop, residents’ rent and all expenditure headings.
  •  Checking and paying or reimbursing invoices.
  •  Loan repayments within the community.
  •  Insurance arrangements, council tax, waste disposal, water, energy supplies, phone and internet for the centre’s properties.
  • Annual financial forecasts.
  • Attending management meetings twice monthly.

Contact Kevin if:

  • You want to start a Centre-Card for Foundation Programme or General Programme classes.
  • If there are any changes to your Centre-Card. Or queries regarding your Centre Card.
  • You need re-imbursement for items of expenditure for the centre. You are starting as a resident or tenant in a centre property.
  • You are forwarding an invoice to be paid to a supplier.
  • If loan repayment is due.
  • If branch classes and room hire is started, cancelled, suspended or stopped.


Des is responsible for matters arising regarding the Foundation Programme. His specific responsibilities include:

  • Liaising with the Resident Teacher to clarify dates for the Foundation Program.
  • Liaising with students to clarify expectations in terms of participation, support, and attendance both in person and online.
  • Communicating on-line or in person to make Foundation Programme students aware of upcoming events or changes to the programme.
  • Ushering in the Resident Teacher and making sure the gompa is prepared for his teaching.

Contact Des if:

  • You are thinking of enrolling in the Foundation Programme.
  • You are already on the Foundation Programme and you are going to be absent for any of the teachings.
  • You are on the Foundation Programme and you have any queries, suggestions or problems.


Martin is responsible for assisting the Admin Director. His specific responsibilities as Assistant Admin Director include:

  • Attending management meetings twice monthly and taking the minutes.
  • Filing any paperwork generated by management meetings.

Contact Martin if:

  • You want to bring something to the management team’s attention.


Roz compiles the centre newsletter. Her specific responsibilities include:

  • Compiling the Newsletter monthly.
  • Responsible for any aspect of the newsletter she receives as an e-mail. This includes the Class Bulletin and Connect with Compassion Centre.

Contact Roz if:

  • You have any comments on or queries regarding the monthly Newsletter and the weekly Class Bulletin.