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This is a wonderful opportunity to experience modern Buddhism in action at an international level and enjoy an inspiring and meaningful spiritual holiday in a very special place.
You will also meet and make some very special friends!
If you have not been to an NKT-IKBU International Festival before, it is the ideal place to start your Dharma journey.


Venue Details

This event is held at:
Manjushri KMC
Conishead Priory
Priory Road

LA12 9QQ

For info on this class call: 01229 584029


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Time & Cost

For more information and to book please visit Summer Festival 2024 - Kadampa Festivals

Scheduled Dates

  • Fri 26th July
  • Sat 27th July
  • Sun 28th July
  • Mon 29th July
  • Tue 30th July
  • Wed 31st July
  • Thu 1st August
  • Fri 2nd August
  • Sat 3rd August
  • Sun 4th August
  • Mon 5th August
  • Tue 6th August
  • Wed 7th August
  • Thu 8th August
  • Fri 9th August
  • Sat 10th August